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Item the First: Jack, the fabulous occasional restaurant, is taking reservations for the Palimpsest dinner on March 14th. Believe me, you want to be there for this, if you can at all manage it. Best food on earth, and all inspired by the book. I will be there (obviously!) for signing and a short reading.
Email with the number of seats you want. This will fill up fast, so if you're at all local to NYC, get in on it now. salonconvention  kids, steampunk clothing would not be out of place--this is a very special event. I'll link as soon as there is a firm menu.

Item the second! Congratulations to wiredgoth , who won the Under in the Mere manuscript, caudelac , who won the custom jewelry in my helpvera  auction, and uneasy_spirit , who won the Palimpsest ARC basket, with surprise goodies and more jewelry! As soon as I'm back home, these will go out in the mail. Thanks, guys! Please follow the instructions on the helpvera  comm and send me your Paypal receipts! I'm astonished at the prices these went for--you guys are amazing!
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