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Lights Out

We're still without power. We spent most of last night stoking a fire in our fireplace in an attempt to keep the house somewhat warm, and the pipes unfrozen. It was a cold night--the dogs make pretty efficient body-heaters, though. Nice of those fuzzy goobers to finally pull their weight around here.

But it's very cold now, and it gets dark around 4, so we don't have much time or heat to work with. We've checked into the island hotel, finally, in need of showers and a night in a warm bed, as they have special cheap rates for islanders.

Awesomely, our neighbors have power, but about 5 or 6 houses on our block don't because we're on a different grid. So we get to watch their Christmas lights blink while our breath fogs in our living room.

Blech. So worn out and ragged. Please, please, fiat lux!
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