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An Evening At Home

I had a rather lovely evening.

justbeast  had work to do, so I watched 30 Rock on Netflix, which is directly responsible for me not buying hundreds of dollars worth of TV season DVDs, and therefore, while I am grateful, I do not understand why studios allowed them to do it. But I can't wait for them to get more content up.

Anyway, I watched 30 Rock, made jewelry, had lobster bisque for dinner, talked toscathedobsidian  andpretendpeterpan  on the new Google video chat, and am settling in for another episode and a glass of blueberry port, having put all my jewelry supplies away and gathered together care packages for two friends. Yesterday I finished a short story the title of which has been floating in my head for three years, after fierce labor pains and much hott furrowed brow action. Tonight, in the midst of bisque and Swarovski crystals, the editor for whom it was written said he loved it.

So despite not seeing my boy all evening, I feel rather homey and warm and accomplished.

Also, last night I went out drinking with my landlord's sister and a girl I met at the local craft night at the island Amercian Legion where I danced to t.A.T.u. and drank a lot of Campari...type things. And stumbled home in the cold, counting the stars and the roaming cats.

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