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It's not that the island is colder than Cleveland--it really isn't, it's actually warmer, and it hasn't snowed yet--but I'm out in it so much more. I walk to cafe and store, I bike around the island, and it's freezing, in a way I never had to deal with in the Midwest, because at worst you have to handle the cold long enough to get to your pre-heated car.

So I'm wheezing with the cold and damp today, and had to finally abandon working in the cafe because they kept the door open to offset the heat of the kitchen. My bones were chattering.

Also I have to wear moisturizer every single day. I'm not used to this--I'm an Italian girl, I have oily skin, moisturizing has always been the least of my worries. But the sea and the winter wind chap my face into Cassandra O'Brien within a day if I don't use it, and lip balm more than once a day. I resent having to spend so much time on my face. I prefer to be low-maintenance, low-upkeep. I never reapply anything during a day. If I even cared to put on make up in the morning, I'll be damned if I'm going to put it on again at any point. It gets one shot.

So applying moisturizer twice or three times daily makes me grumble. But it's nice to be in such direct contact with the outside world. I didn't realize how insulated from it I'd become.
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