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Two Things

One: It would appear that my Clarkesworld story, A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica, has been recommended for a Nebula. Probably only once, but still, it has.

Of all the SFF awards out there, the Nebula is the one I think I am least likely to ever win. But I do love that story. It's one of my favorites that I've written. So if you're a SFWA member, and you liked it, do consider floating another recommendation its way.

Two: I need some warm tops that are also pretty and even, dare I say it, sexy. It's not exactly balmy here, but I tend to start feeling like Cave Buffy if I'm in dowdy, lumpy sweaters all winter. I don't want to go to the department stores because current fashions are so ugly I'm constantly shocked by them, and if I'm going to spend the money I want it to be on things I love. But I'm not much of a clotheshorse and don't really know where to get things when I'm actually looking for them. I have nice clothes, but I've stumbled across most of them by accident. What are your favorite places to get clothes online?

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