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I'm gonna be really girly for a minute.

OMG, like, they totally discontinued my favorite color of lipstick and mine is worn down to a nub. But my awesome boyfriend got me three lipsticks in *facepalm* L'Oreal Shine Delice Violet Delite and now I will never run out!

(As an aside, I resent companies like Febreze air fresheners and L'oreal cosmetics running "limited edition" colors and scents. WTF, you are not BPAL.)

I will never run out because I use things like a Depression housewife. Just today in the shower I squirted out a bunch of shampoo when I meant to use conditioner and I carefully unscrewed the lid and scooped it back into the bottle. I wear shoes until they fall off and then put off buying more because $20 is so much money. So I made one stick of lipstick last for something like four years. It helps that I don't wear make up on a daily basis, just for dates and readings and cons and such. That said, other than this lipstick, it's high time I just scrapped all the garbage make up I've been using in tiny amounts so as not to waste any and thus keeping bacteria and yuck-laden make up containers for years on end and switched to more naturally-derived stuff. Because apparently they are still putting mercury in mascara. Awesome, guys. Good thing I was writing a short story and needed to know about mercury poisoning.

But I'll keep the lipstick. You really can't overestimate how vital a good shade that looks sexy but not crazy goth or street corner and also leaves your lips soft. It might be made with baby seals' mercury-rich tears, but it's so pretty.

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