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I've exhibited massive amounts of freelancer awesome today.

I stayed up all night and into the morning designing video games for an absolutely stupid hire-to-produce window. (Don't ask, I can't talk about it, but it turns out writing fake games can actually lead to writing real ones.) After a nap, I started on my less fun but well paying regular freelance gig while watching Dodgeball and cuddling my cat. Then I cleaned the living room and restored some furniture so that our Thanksgiving guests can use it. (blazepoet  and yakavenger  yay! We could probably seat/house one more for Goose Day, if anyone is going to be lonely.)

And I did all of this looking inadvertently like a pirate wench, in a plunging, gauzy white shirt that would be indecent outside the house, a voluminous brown skirt, and an earthenwood  necklace, with my hair all winter-air huge and 70s bombshelly.

If I can manage to work on my own book at some point tonight, it will be a fantastic day.

On top of that, over the weekend, we found a diamond ring on our front stairs. A tiny diamond and it probably isn't real, but damn if it doesn't look like a faery got engaged on our doorstep.

Calamari curry for dinner, with pumpkin loaf for dessert. And more movie and more freelancing. Between these gigs and the Clarkesworld article it's been a nice month for me. I find myself actually looking at Etsy with something other than empty longing for once. (melanie , I can finally buy your soap! Fix your paypal!) Life is pleasant, and my house is so pretty.

P.S. I usually hate to do the "please send me things" schtick on LJ, but there are no Trader Joes' in the state of Maine. Would anyone be willing to send me some of the fruit leather they sell there? It's a TJ brand. gafizal  sent us off with a bunch of it and it is so stupidly good I can't even say! Boysenberry and Pineapple flavors especially. *puppy eyes*

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