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My New Culinary Region, Let Me Show You It

So we got lobsters from the warehouse on the dock today (and OMG how cool is that) and they were alive and creepily Space Spider-like and scratching in a brown bag in the ferry.

Lobsters: Scratch. Scratch. Let us out. The mother ship will return and you will be rewarded.

Me: Yes...but on the other hand, you are delicious. Should have bought up your "Not Delicious" skills.

Lobsters: Curse you, human! The Queen will punish you--*BOILS*



So I was thinking...lobsters and blueberries, these are Maine's famed items. How can I combine the two great tastes of my new home?

Balsamic Blueberry Dipping Sauce, that's how! Since I'm a big fan of sweet/savory combos, this seemed like a natural way to do it. Blueberries on their own are too sweet, but balsamic vinegar really makes everything better.

So, you reduce about a cup of balsamic vinegar in a pan with a cup of blueberries, a tablespoon or so of lemon juice, a couple of garlic cloves all mashed up, and a dash of pomegranate molasses. Hide your eyes while the fumes take over your kitchen. When it's about half reduced, add two or three generous slices of butter and stir as it melts. Pour gunk into food processor and pulse until smooth.

This stuff is black. Black like a witch's heart, man. It is also massively tasty, and goes damn well with lobster. And probably any other type of seafood.

We, being very new Mainers, did not have lobster crackers, so we made due with kitchen scissors and a pair of channel-lock pliers. BOO YA SPACE SPIDERS.

P.S. Lobsters are pretty cheap here so when y'all come visit, you can has. However, please tell us you want it before you get here, so we can have Covey, the island lobster guy, get them for us.

The island has a lobster guy. Named Covey. This place is like a naturally occurring salt water win-spring.
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