Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

Movin' Right Along

The packing proceeds apace. Nola would like you all to know that she is a VITAL MEMBER OF THIS HOUSEHOLD AND WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND.

I've conquered the living room and sitting room which means most of the books, am embarking on the office tonight. Packing is stressful and not really awesome at all, though it's always nice to get rid of the ever-encroaching kipple. I also got a bike off of Craigslist today, so I will be pedaling around the island just like the old days--I went to high school in Davis, CA, which is possibly the most bike-friendly place imaginable. So friendly that bike theft is the most common crime in the city.

So preparations, they go. The party last night was wonderful, complete with a thoughtful pumpkin gift basket from gafizal  and a stunning set of oracular cards from khiron1416  that I am just so very attached to now. It's starting to hit me that I'm leaving a lot of friends here, and that's...hard. But also, that's life. Thank god for the internet, that holds us together. Tomorrow to call Uhaul and moar packing. Monday night girl-party-sort-of at zoethe 's house, where bec76  will henna me in anticipation of this very big life change. I believe in ritual vestments, yo. yakavenger  made me this beautiful vaguely steampunky necklace out of a map of Ohio, and I am not wearing it until we cross the state line in our van, which is a hard commitment, because it's absolutely gorgeous. I bought justbeast  a special shirt for the same purpose, with a Buddha on it, flanked by giant carp and a hand-stitched tiger. Girded up and aiming for the sun, that's us.

But for the moment, I'm still hip-deep in SF paperbacks and wine glasses. T-minus one week.

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