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Coyote's Children

For some reason this video makes me feel very warm and fuzzy about the world. Specifically, about my generation and the stupid, awesome shit we do. Something like the "I Love the Whole World" thing, I look at this and say: wow. We are a ridiculous and beautiful trickster-generation and we just put our heads down and pursue the most random, minute nonsense until it's almost holy.

Well, varying degrees of holy.

Arete and aresteia are everywhere, in the small and in the big. And yes, even in the Britney Spears guy.

We made a new world. And it is dumb as all hell, and it is unabashed and radiant with will, and its made intimacy and extreme sport, and you can say it's pointless but you can't say those Sharpie-covered hands aren't amazing, you can't say it's nothing. And what's in that video is the tiniest, tiniest part of the whole.

I just love you guys so much. Without irony, without guile, without shame.

Harder. Faster. Better. Stronger. Fuck yeah we are.

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