Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

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Down for the Count

Hawaii and Saloncon posts are on hold because I have the con crud.

By con-crud I mean tithenai -crud. I know my vector, yo.

But I did get Palimpsest ARCs today and I had one of the best weekends on record, ever. (blackpaladin , we need your pictures!) It's just that right now my face is trying to leap out of my head via nose and mouth.

And of course I'm dragging my ass out of bed tonight, but we were given tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra, and while I might wish it were on a day when I weren't sick, or when I'd had a single night at home in recent memory, you can't say no to that kind of serendipity. So I gird things and slump into a velvet seat. As I did last night for the Dar Williams concert.

I will never get to rest, it is clear.

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