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Homeward Bound

Getting ready to leave Hawaii in the classic way: happy, tan, and broke. Will tell all when normal life resumes.

But before normal life resumes:


I'm so retardedly excited about this con, because so many of my nearest and dearest will be there: tithenai , regyt , murnkay , shellefly , sunspiral , shadesong , qotcpcf , ktempest  (I assume and hope?) lyssabard, squirrel_monkey  and the unbeatable yagathai . An embarassment of riches!

Not to mention I get to dress up pretty (thanks to Jaborwhalky --sponsoring authors' attire at cons is a wonderful thing and I am always up for being a costumer's pet) and read from my new novel and have tea and dance at the ball! I feel like Cinderella with a dozen princes.

So! the following notes apply:

Please consider the Omikuji Meet-up to be for Omikuji Project members, interested folk, and friends of me--I imagine we'll dish and suchlike, a paid subscription is not necessary for attendance. Maybe I'll bring my Tarot deck.

Room party! Saturday night, after the masked ball, for those who aren't attending the concert, to extend until after the concert to welcome everyone! The incomparable and indispensable  yagathaiwill be mixing Casimira's Royal Jelly, a concoction inspired by the forthcoming Palimpsest, (check the short story for the reference), and our doors are open to all. Please grace us with your presence! I'll announce the room number when I have it.

I can't wait!
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