Living for the Revel (catvalente) wrote,
Living for the Revel

The Party Buddha

We are driving through the Valley of the Temples with the Koolau Mountains on one side of us and Kaneohe Bay on the other. (posting from my phone.)

The Byodo-In Buddha is huge and quiet, flanked by boughs of plumeria, wild peacocks, and black swans. And about a thousand koi in the pod below. So very like Japan, and yet so different. Buddha feels like such a transplant here. I notice they only sell fat Happy Buddhas in the stores--no thin, sorrowing ascetics here.

When I get back to the hotel I'll report on our snorkeling expeditions so far, but for now we drive through these strange mountains and think.


In other news, it seems like this is the year all my friends magically appear at Saloncon! So many of you are coming I can hardly contain my excitement. So! I have decided not to.

We're having a room party! Saturday night, time and room number forthcoming. We'll have some booze but will need a bit of help organizing everything as I've never thrown a room party before. Wheee!
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