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We saw Bottle Shock last night, a cute, if weirdly constructed--see everything about the Gustavo character, who is set up as the hero with the wine to beat and the cute blonde girl falling for him and then sort of oddly shunted aside with no explanation in favor of the shiftless white guy and his chardonnay (cutting the Croation winemaker actually responsible for that wine entirely)--movie about the 1976 Judgment of Paris wine tasting. It was sweet and fun, really a sports movie more than anything else, following the time-tested Underdog Plotline along with an Americans Stick It to the Old World Flourish, but mostly it made me miss California. I know that country and that light so well. It's what made me, even if underneath is the hard, cold core of stony, salty, misty Seattle.

And it made me think about how much I love wine. I'm not an expert and I never will be, but I know enough to have specific tastes, I have preferred growing regions, tiny wineries that I adore.

For the record, I'm a Syrah girl--but my favorite red is the 2003 Mon Beau Rouge from Clautiere Vineyards in Paso Robles, my favorite white the late harvest Riesling and Gewurtzstraminer from Navarro Vineyards in the Andersen Valley north of Mendocino. If ever you are looking for a present for me, a bottle from either of those would probably actually make me cry.

But really, I like wine best when I know its story. Which is why I'll drink anything grown on the central coast--they're fantastic, and I've been there, touched the grapes, felt the soil. Wine is amazing for that--food with a story, a story of sunlight and water and old roots. This is why I like movies about wine, despite the fact that they're usually a bit strange and off-putting, like Sideways. Because they make me think about what I drink, they tell me a story about it, and that elevates it beyond mere ingestion. Drinking wine is engaging in a very old, very long story, and there's nothing better.
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