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Internets, you fail to entertain me. How dare you come to my house with nothing but fascistic reproductive measures and racist editors? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Of course, I have nothing to say, either. So I shall stay my hand of doom and not destroy the internets with my wrathy lightning-filled boredom elemental attack. Today.

I did see a film called The Five Obstructions the other night. It was so very, very lovely and interesting, and remarkably kind. Lars von Trier, Dogme 95 director, who is LOKI INCARNATE I SWEAR, challenged his idol, experimental filmmaker Jorgen Leth, to remake The Perfect Human (an already bizarre and beautiful short film that I also now idolize and if I had a digital camera would totally make some sort of similar beast) five times, each time conforming to obstructions provided by Triers--no shot more than 12 frames long, film in Cuba, act in it yourself, make it a cartoon, etc.

I expected it to be a fascinating artistic exercise, but in the end it turned out to be something more, one friend trying to lift another out of depression and artistic stagnation, trying to show him love and devotion through endless challenge and harsh judgment that is the flip side of adoration and comradery. The final obstruction brought tears to my eyes--the film is a perfect combination of intellectual exercise and emotional truth.

Leth is such a sad man, and he can barely tolerate being on camera, but there's a moment, when Triers requires a cartoon, and he just looks lost, like I hate cartoons, what the fuck am I supposed to do? I wish this were over. And then his brain figures out a way to make the film, and he breaks into this awesome little-boy-about-to-do-something-naughty grin.

And secretly, I want someone to do that to me, so very much. I want to be challenged and hemmed in like that, bent under the impish will of someone I respect and admire. Obstructed. God, it looks like so much awful, brutal fun.

Want. Pine.
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