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I just got a HUGE package in the mail from Harmonix.

You see, they got wind of My Name Is Might Have Been, and I got the world's coolest letter, which began with "So, I'm the guy who wrote Rock Band...well, one of many..."

It was not a Cease and Desist, fortunately.

It went on to say that Dan Schmidt had not only found the comic, but that he was currently reading some book called The Orphan's Tales, by utter coincidence, and that he loved both. And could not believe the chick who wrote the latter had anything to do with the former. Mwa ha ha.

A few emails from various delighted Harmonix folks later, and there is an enormous box with a new Rock Band guitar (birthday folks know mine was shit), T shirts, pins, etc sitting on my doorstep today.

I'm not sure there's a squee big enough, really. I need an icon of that little girl from Little Miss Sunshine for days like these. What do you even say when not only is your tiny, unnoticed webcomic linked on the weekly downloads forum, but the dude who made the game you play like it dispenses liquid crack when you five star a song loves your novel? Life, and the internet, is awesome.

Thank you Harmonix! You guys truly rock.
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