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The Frozen Blood of Christ

It was sheeting snow this morning in the Sangre de Christo mountains, so we are all of us wrapped up warm in the highest room in the lodge, where the remaining wireless network is still working, watching the frozen waterfall and making the Lunch of Champions: Swiss Miss and Ruffles. It's like a late birthday present--snow in May!

The ice came banging off the roof in about 30 seconds of consecutive rows of solid snow falling like Tetris pieces. To the soft thud of the snow-bars, I learned about Jack Vance, why too many colors is bad, and not to forget your notebook when listening to geniuses talk.

Also, via workshop this morning, I was introduced to the work of one of my new favorite writers, Ian Tregillis. Check it, kids. He rocks. Also his website is retardedly gorgeous.

Things have been quiet. I keep wanting to work on the new novel, but staring at the mountain seems so much more productive.

In conclusion, I present you with a picture of our current outside (via Maureen McHugh) and a question:

Should I just chuck caution (and other things) to the wind and write an epic fantasy with a magical sword and a Dark Lord? 8 Ball says...

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