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Rio Hondo, Day 1

I have arrived in Taos, New Mexico, rather far above Taos, actually, and am firmly ensconced in the Snow Bear Lodge with the rest of the Rio Hondo writing workshop. I have a lovely room all to myself in which to work, a fabulous multi-head (is there anything which could not be improved by the addition of "multi-head") shower, and wonderful, brilliant people. I feel remarkably peaceful and ready to have my work torn up and to make more in this not-very-little room.

Which came with its very own faceless stone neolithic Bear statue on the writing desk. I take this as an excellent omen, and I have named him Augustine, and he has assured me that he can help me with structure.

I also have Reliable Internet Access, and so vow to post frequently. If my car-conversation with bram452 on the way up is any indication, this will be a fascinating week, and like the dork I am, I can't wait to learn! It's like the first day of school, only without math.

It is beautiful here, to say the least. The mountains remind me of the Sierras, and all the trips we used to take to Boreal and Strawberry Valley when I was a wee one. It's not exactly the same climate, but the smells are similar, and the feel of sitting on the roof of the world. There is still snow on the ground, and it is quite cold. Nevertheless, I'm already going barefoot. I am a more comfortable human without shoes.

When I landed in Jamaica, I felt absurdly like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit: all my dishes and antennae out, eager for input. Same thing here, but with brisk winds and mountain stars instead of hibiscus and turquoise water. But it makes me prickle and thrill and feel alive.

I'm so glad I came.

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