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Still Trustworthy

Thank you to everyone for making my 29th special, most particularly vrax, s00j, omnisti, tithenai, and passionandsoul. Sisters and shipmates, you know?

There are pictures of the Epic Sooj Birthday Concert of Ninja Doom here.

I felt like quite the Mama Orca, feeding my pod with meatloaf--turns out that what you feed the jet-setting Lebanese-Canadian girl who has eaten everything are the exotic dishes of the "loaf" school of cuisine--and cuddling with everyone. It was a lovely time. Thank you to everyone who sent their wishes, and to blazepoet, yakavenger, and earthenwood for sending pretty presents! earthenwood, how did you know I'm obsessed with keys? ;)

Unfortunately I followed that right up by losing my brand-new purse. Perhaps this is a cosmic message to get an Ohio license already. Urrrrgh.

I'm in Columbus Saturday for the Ohioana Festival, and leaving for Taos on Sunday for the Rio Hondo workshop. Hopefully there will be internet access there so I can post at leisure about what I learn--I'm really looking forward to this, as it is my first serious workshop experience.

Until then, I work and work. No rest for me, wicked or no.
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