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Here It Comes

So it's my birthday, and there isn't a better time for announcements. In this case, announcing Happiness with a capital H.

justbeast and I are getting married on November 1st, 2009.

I can still hardly believe I have stumbled onto such grace as my life with him, and I know that this is the right path, without reservation. That is quite a feeling.

It is very important to me to have a Tribal wedding--we have such a vast network of love and connection in this world. To that end, since Livejournal has been such a major part of our lives and was, in fact, how we met, I would like to have as much of the wedding stuff supplied by my massively talented LJ tribe. So, please, if you have a skill that might lend itself to a wedding--photography, dressmaking, floristry, ritual planning, food, craftiness of any kind, please contact me via the comments on this entry or by email. A year and a half is not so long as it seems! (We certainly don't expect such help for free. We'd just rather pay Our People than strangers.)

My first wedding was a small nightmare, one of the worst days of my life. While I will absolutely not get stupid or crazy about this one, I want it to be special and sweet, and involve everyone we love. I hope a goodly number of you will be a part of it.

I love you, Beast. We go together like Grease and awkward Jamaican lip syncing. Here's to the rest of our lives.
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