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Will it never end?

Am back. Had a great time and will post--no internet access in the hotel meant I was away from everything for a week, and now I pay the price.

I am absolutely deluged with work. On top of which I must clean the house for my birthday party on Saturday. On top of which, Omikuji. (The PDFs will go out within the hour, but I may be stuck mailing on the 2nd again. Still working out the kinks in the system. Sorry!)

In the meantime, please do have a read--the wheel turns and I'm in Clarkesworld again! A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica. I'm rather fond of it--I hope you enjoy it. There's also a cool article on RPGs in which I discuss a bit of our campaign.

I will make an attempt at a real post before my birthday, I promise.
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