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I realize I have not mentioned the Many Places I Will Shortly Be. Thus, a fix.

Today, I'm in ur Goblin Fruit, bein' a featured poet. There is interview and new poems, and also recordings of me reading them--including me reading part of a lovely poem by Jasmine Johnston called "Seeds." I speak Greek in SexyVoice (tm). Phear my degree in linguistics.

As I mentioned before, this weekend I'll be reading with zakbar at Suspect Thoughts Books at 4903 Clarke Ave in Cleveland.

Next weekend, I will be at Penguicon, blathering, being intoxicated, and wearing something low-cut. That's just how I roll.

In May I'll be going to the Rio Hondo writing workshop in Taos--I got invited! I'm a real girl! For someone who appeared out of nowhere with no Clarion or resume behind her three years ago, it's a big deal to have one of your heroes invite you to a workshop. I'll also be in Columbus for the Ohioana Literary Festival on May 10th. I get to meet the governor. Or his wife. One of them.

I'll also be at Wiscon, leading a piercing expedition, paneling about, leading a workshop on acting for writers, and very probably having a small White Elephant party for Omikuji kids.

In June, I'll be at the Blue Heaven writing workshop on Kelley's Island here in Ohio, which is awesome because I am obsessed with the Erie Islands and also because I get two workshops in a month! Plus the group seems amazing and I'm thrilled to be included, again.

Oh...and I'm going to Jamaica in two weeks. On vacation with justbeast's company, which is super-cool and holds vacations on which you can take your girl. I've never been to that part of the world, or anything like it. I can't wait! A real vacation!
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