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Now the Page Mine Thing Is Literal

Am busy all day stuffing Omikuji envelopes and feeling violated by the price of toner. Thus, no posts of substance from me until tomorrow!

In the meantime, should you like to read the short story out of which sprang my next novel--and yes, the plots of the two intersect and it would be beneficial for you to read the story to pick up on a certain thread of the book--check out the Paper Cities anthology, which comes out today and also has Hal Duncan, Jay Lake, and Barth Anderson in it, who are spiffy.

In other news, I broke my cell phone yesterday, the crown to an already utterly crappy day, so I am incommunicado by that means until I get a new one. Which will be...I don't know. Maybe this weekend. Well juggled and then dropped on a cafe floor, Cat.
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