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What's With Today Today?

Last day to sign up for April's Omikuji--story is done, all is ready to go. Subs turn off at midnight--any received after that will start with May's story. Just trying to keep the Post Office trips to a minimum. I'm not going to announce the lottery winner, but rather trust that person to squee in omikuji_project.

I am tired like oh my god. I have no brain but I must poem. But I cannot poem! But I must. I need a brain-throttle.

I've done the thing where I put everything off and now it all has to be done but I'm just snailing up and not doing it because after all, I do have a few days of wiggle room, right?

Self, you suck.

In conclusion, I slink back to Word, my nemesis, my curse, my hated master.


Happy birthday sheryl67!
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