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I'm going to post about this now because all of you make plans so fast I can't keep up:

My birthday is on a Monday this year, (it's Cinco de Mayo, too) and I am getting the best present evar: a s00j!

But a Monday night is a Monday night and has two drawbacks: cannot stay up all night being ridiculous and b. very few out-of-towners are able to come.

The only solution is a pre-s00j party on Saturday, May 3rd at our house. If you can't come into town for the Monday party, please do consider coming for the weekend and having way too much fun for human consumption with me and mine. I can also promise brunch on Sunday, and possibly a trek down to the river and other wonderful things. We do have animals, but they will be banished to the backyard and the house impeccably cleaned, so take some Benadryl and come on down! You're the next contestant on I Want You to Visit Me!

We have crashspace for approximately 5, several more if you are cool with behaving like college students and cramming in, and if you come with your own air mattress. Please RSVP if you need crashspace, as one slot in that 5 is already taken by tithenai.

I'm working on actually turning into a pumpkin next year when I turn 30, so get in on the party this time, when there will be less orange pulp and embarrassed expressions.
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