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I awesomely left my entire computer case in Chicago over the weekend, so have been absent from online. Well done, me. pretendpeterpan is more organized, however, and got it back to me tout suite. So I am back.

It was a lovely weekend, full of wacky breakfast food, scathedobsidian, and not a little deadly sinning, as well as finally seeing Borat and Batman Begins. Liked the first a lot, (though it was no Jackass, my friends! Seriously, I expected stupider from it, and it was really very well-written and funny, but not guffaw-funny.) The second was good, but can't really get around the silliness of the source material, in the end. And if I hear one more vague phrase about the nature of justice or fear from one of these comic book movies I'm going to gag on my overly simplistic platitude-buttered popcorn.

I mourn the fact that my friends do not really enjoy heckling movies. It is a delight of mine.

I also read Lost Girls, as pretendpeterpan had it out and about. I liked it far more than I thought I would, though I still have problems with Alice's predatory character, whether she is meant to be Liddell or Looking Glass. It's porn, pretty porn, but still porn, and for all that it had some lovely writing and moments of sadness--though the grim ending felt very "THIS R NT PRN, THIS R SRS BUK," and not, say, shocking, as Blackadder's treatment of the same material was. Ultimatley, the art was so beautiful, it won me over, and I was quite hostile to the project until now. I dislike a lot of comic art, which is what keeps me from really digging graphic novels, in the end. (tooth_and_claw is obviously an exception.) LG, however, was gorgeous, to the point of my now lusting for a print of one of the full page illos on my wall.

Today I am extraordinarily tired, as my german shepherd woke me up at 4 am barking at an ice-laden branch falling outside, and I couldn't get back to sleep. Yet so much work to do. I press on.
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