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So Glad You Could Make It

So, um... were you wondering were wondering about the webcomic thing I said I was doing? I wasn't kidding. Welcome to the apocalypse. Again.

That's right - it's called "My Name Is Might Have Been," and it's co-authored by internet-archduke theferrett , author of Home on the Strange and cup-of-things-bearing neighbor of mine. The artist, Avery M. Liell-Kok, is brand-new to webcomics, but she is made of purest awesome - check out that gorgeous linework and detail! (She's also on LJ as tooth_and_claw.)

It's the first day for a strip, which is always awkward. This is a story-driven comic, it's kind of like going, "Wow! Here's the first page of Lord of the Rings! Isn't it wonderful? Woo hoo, this is gonna be a RIDE!" And it's also extremely different from the elegaic Orphan's Tales and the easily-digestible nerdcore humor of HotS, so those who loved OT and HotS may not love this new brain-baby at all. You take your chances.

But you have to start somewhere, and here is the first step on our long way to the top. (And if you'd like to continue this journey with us, you can catch the RSS feed on LJ as mynameismight, which has a couple of odd entries thanks to LJ's strange caching system [which refuses to remove scrubbed test entries] - but it's all good. You'll get there.)

Various features of the site will become available as the strips go on. This is a planned feature. We have much to do here. Thank you for your patience.

Oh, yes, and if you wanted to link to the strip to alert people that it exists, that too would be made of wonderful. Google loves inbound links, especially for starter sites.

Only a special kind of girl says she's taking a month off and then starts a webcomic. I'm pretty special. Shortbus special. But it won't interfere with anything, have no fear. Take my hand. I promise cowbell.
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