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Announcement and Question

First among neat things--Publisher's Weekly reviewed my new poetry collection, A Guide to Folktales in Fragile Dialects, quite favorably. time_shark thinks this might be the first time PW has reviewed a genre poetry collection, certianly the first time in recent memory, so I'm very excited about it--it is so very hard to get poetry reviewed these days. Everything is coming together on the book itself, finally, and I'm looking forward to recording the audiobook version.

Structured around a series of folktale motifs, Valente's eloquent second full-length poetry collection dissects the perceived roles of women in Earth's and otherworldly fable and myth. One prevailing theme is women's subjugation by tradition and ritual in male-dominated societies, as in “How Comes This Blood Upon the Key?” wherein a wife imprisoned in her own home protests: “I did not look/ for a house to become my limbs,/ for cast iron pans to become my joints,/ for doors and keys to become/ the stuff of my blood,/ for a bed to become my face.” The young title character in “The Child Bride of the Lost City of Ubar” is ruthlessly and needlessly sacrificed, and in “Glass, Blood, and Ash,” a woman's dream of falling in love with a prince is shattered by harsh reality. Fans of Valente's Orphan's Tales duology will find this collection similarly embittered, enlightening and enthralling. (Apr.)

The question is this:

Does anyone know of a program for Windows or Linux that is remotely comparable to Scrivener for Macs? I am not buying a new computer for one piece of software, but damn that thing is sweet.
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