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Love and Biscuits

I love Valentine's Day, I don't care if it's lame, shut up. When I was a kid I was the ungainly, squawking dork in class that no one gave Valentines to, and I just hoped and prayed that I would be different when I grew up. And I mostly am. So I love it, and my parents used to make my brothers and I a special breakfast on V-Morning, and there would be little red heart-chocolates and a valentine on our plates, and thus it's a holiday that makes me happy, (when I am not forgotten as some previous and LAME boyfriends managed to do), so Scroogey Valentine's humbugs have made much sense to me. Love is better than not-love, isn't it? And even if one is not in a relationship, one loves friends and parents and red heart-chocolates.

To that end:

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