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The following Awesome Things also occurred while I was gone:

In the Cities of Coin and Spice made the Locus Recommended Reading List--my first novel to do so since The Labyrinth.

The Dance of Uzume-no-Ama (from Apocrypha) and Bones Like Black Sugar were both short listed for the Spectrum Award, which honors speculative work that illuminates GLBT issues and identities.

In the Cities of Coin and Spice got a totally amazing review over at Strange Horizons (reviewed alongside Hal Duncan's Ink).

My story The City of Blind Delight was accepted for the Clockwork Phoenix anthology.

fireriven  made Palimpsest icons the day I finished the book. (She read the short story when it was available online.) That is some kind of amazing thing, I tell you what. Ink not dry and already wee, beautiful fan activity afoot. *claps and jumps about*

I should leave the country more often. For serious.
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