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The Question Is, What Sort of Surgery Was the Patient Etherized For?

So I finished a book. And promptly drove to a place where there is more snow than not-snow and wonderful people and apple cider and ice sculptures and castles.

Why, oh, why, does Canada get to have beautiful architecture while we get Ye-Olde-Office-Park cities? I feel ripped off. I want to live in a city like Ottawa, where there are statues (of giant gestating spiders as well as angels) and towers and things which remind me of Edinburgh. Or just live in Edinburgh. Sigh.

We went to attend Winterlude, which is the freezing of the Rideau Canal so we can fall down on it and eat hot things and behave like the neo-Victorians we are. It was lovely--the snow was so deep and slushy, a whole new kind of snow to add to my growing collection! Next year, I pledge, I will know how to skate and also be in possession of a proper lithographtastic fur muff to put my cold paws in.

We also met up with weds  and tithenai , who are both fabulous and painfully atttractive people. I realized just how much I miss having friends who will walk down a night-time street quoting T.S. Eliot in unison. That used to be an incredibly common occurance in my life, and it's rare now. We ate fancy food and wine and wandered about being flaneurs.

And we discovered that tithenai  (who brought me honey and beeswax candles, and she didn't even know the main character of Palimpsest is a beekeeper!) had never had her ears pierced. And there just so happened to be a piercing studio right near the hotel with a combo deal going.

The upshot is, the next day, tithenai  got her ears pierced, and I got my left nipple pierced.

Bonding girl things! Blood sacrifice! Tequila shots at a bar called Zaphod Beeblebrox afterward! (And of course Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters). You're stuck now, Goblin-Girl, we're tribal sisters!

tithenai was very brave and didn't squeeze my hand at all. I, on the other hand, grabbed hers like a lifeline while justbeast  stroked my temples and I still yelled "FUCK!" very loudly as it went through. I didn't cry or scream or anything, it was worse than my belly button (which rejected the piercing and has long closed) and better than my nose (also closed due to Virginia allergies but may get redone). Piercing is weird, it hurts, but immediately after I'm energized and light-headed and excited. And I have to say, it is really something to be held by people you feel warmly towards while undergoing body modification. It's like a small rite of passage. Into what, who can say?

It is healing nicely and isn't even swollen. And as someone who has had the approximate nipple sensitivity of a rock for most of her life, my body is suddenly a much more interesting place. Who would have thought jamming a metal spike through it would do the trick? Better living through technology, kids. I may get the other one done, but I like the Amazonny mismatched thing quite a bit.

And yes, it should be healed by Penguicon, all you OpenSourcers. *wicked grin*

I love Canada. Part of me wants to move there just for snow and pines and architecture and endless tundra, endless angels, endless seas. It's like a fairyland just across the lake.

At least I have a memento shoved through my breast.
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