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No Fear

Greetings to the new people--there are rather a lot of you.

Greetings to the old people--this is for you.

The best thing about the last entry, which has been widely linked, is that it allowed one small moment to bloom all over the place, and let others feel what I felt. That's what the internet is for. And in the comments, some of you expressed the most amazing things, because of that little human act that a small child committed without even thinking about it in an elevator. It's been like whispering in those strange places in Grand Central Station, telling secrets in the dark.

Intimacy breeds intimacy, you know? And since I can't touch any of you tonight, I'm throwing open the gates.

Email me. Tell me. Whatever you've been holding back, too shy and embarrassed to tell me, too sure I'd laugh or reject you somehow, too ashamed or afraid or just too short on time and too far away. I'll answer everything. I won't laugh. I won't reject. I'm right here. I won't tell. It's just us, whispering in the dark. Life is too short to waste not being as close as we can be. Throw out your arms and tell me something real. It's night here, and I am feeling raw and honest.

I want to touch you again.

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