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All Work and No Play...

I should probably mention that I won't be online much till February 1st--I have forcibly and in complicated multi-step ways removed most of my own internet access and entertainment options so as to work very hard to meet a deadline. Therefore, I am online for about twenty minutes before bed to check email and that's more or less it. I know a lot of writers talk about their work while they're doing it, but I get real quiet, and that's how it'll be for about three weeks around here.

Batten down the hatches, and all that.

Also, if I could have my snow back, and not this bullshit California winter, that would be great.

And finally, an idea shamelessly pirated from justbeast.

You see, my Beetle had an iPod line-in, so I didn't really need to pick and choose my music, I just plugged the whole damn laptop in and played my library. I finally have a lovely little iPod, courtesy of my sweetheart, but the new car, which is incidentally a black cherry 05 Scion XA christened Hestia, does not have such a thing. FM transmitters pretty much blow unless you drop money on a really expensive one. So we've been cycling through the same three or four CDs for about a week: s00j , Art in Manila, mer_moon's mix, Gogol Bordello. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So. LJ, rescue me! Send me a mix CD! Anyone who doesn't already have my address, comment with your email and I'll send it to you. Introduce me to your favorite obscure band, mix up something that will make me think of you, or makes you think of me, find old pop nonsense that will make us both laugh, or send me sekrit koded messagez in song! The world is our iPod, only less corporate, and more human. If a physical CD is too much bother, an mp3 mix delivered via ether will do.

Now back to work. Those sex scenes aren't going to write themselves.
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