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All These Riches

A big weekend for the HouseCat:

Green Man Review did an entire issue on me, reviewing almost everything I've ever published (and s00j's albums!) and interviewing Kaluta and myself and in general being amazing. I'm so incredibly honored, seeing how rarely they do a dedicated issue like this.

I am also the Winter Queen for GMR this year, and my speech kicks off the edition.

SJ Tucker and my New York Orphan's Tales show aired on Saturday on the wonderful Hour of the Wolf program--you can hear it stream here (scroll down for Hour of the Wolf, long musical intro) until it goes into the archives. Fittingly, I think this was our best show, the grand finale of our tour.

And my first Doctor Who review went up at Pink Raygun--The Christmas Special! I'll be reviewing the whole season on the British schedule, so stay tuned.

And somewhere in there we got a new car and a new bed.

It's the last day of the year--couldn't happen soon enough. 2007 was one of the best years of my life professionally and one of the worst personally.  I need 2008 to be better. In the smallest hours of December, may the stars hear my plea for that--it's not so much, really.
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