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Well, I'm Back

I am here, and alive, and working on the auction--you should get an email in the next day or so detailing whether you have been outbid or out and out won. It's a lot of work and a long process, so please be patient. Thank you to everyone who came and bid and laughed and sang along.

If you have pictures from any of the events please email them to me! (and omnisti, send me that NYC recording!)

Boring stuff over.

It was amazing. Boston and NYC were packed. s00j was phenomenal. shadesong was a small angel without whom I couldn't have done it--and that goes for everyone who helped move art several blocks from the parking garage in a frigid New York winter night, too. omnisti consistently slayed everyone with his Kingdom of the Mice rendition. It was exhausting and exhilarating and a little sad, since I don't know when I'll see my shipmates again, or when I'll be back in that great behemoth of a city, (someone give me an excuse!) or when I will ever be so lucky as to see a 12 year old girl cry because of one of my stories, or dance because of them, or mouth along to every word. Small graces in this life.

So I'm a little glum now that it's over, and trying not to look at the massive pile of work that was cheerfully waiting when I got back. And Christmas presents to buy, and and and.

No rest for me, wicked or no. But thank you to all, I have been humbled and exalted, and I love you.
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