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Here We Go!

I can has roadie!

shadesong, becuase she is a very wee angel, has offered to help me schelp art all over the eastern seaboard, and I can't even tell you how grateful I am--this show is so wonderful, but it's been a logistical challenge something like the Battle of Tours. Thank you, Song!

I am leaving for Boston in the morning--please everyone come to the show! Pandemonium Books, Saturday, 7 pm. If you miss it, I fully exspect you to drive to Philadelphia for the Sunday night show at 224 S. 46th St at 7. If you miss that, it's Williamsport for you! Monday night at the Coffee and Tea Room at 217 W 4th St.

And finally, if you want the most fabulous Orphan's experience of all, you'll join us at the NYRSF reading on Tuesday the 4th at the South Street Seaport Museum. Many of the artists will be at the Boston and NY shows, so come and be regaled! This is your last chance to see the big Orphan's Tales show. No more books after this one, don't forget.

This is your last warning.

Also, I talk about how fantasy is too metal over at Ecstatic Days.</font>
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