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And, Pt. II
c is for cat
Oh holy shit...the awesomeness of this knows no bounds:

Contest for the Creation of Orphan's Tales Foodz

*flails helplessly in joy*

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Don't say that! It's too cool!

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Among mystery's proliferating subgenres is culinary mysteries. The detective is a cook or caterer, and there are actual recipe directions included in the text.

I wonder if there's a potential market for culinary fantasy novels.

That is so awesome! My favourite food blog and my favourite book, all creating recipes. OMG!

That's really awesome!

BTW, I took OT:itNG on a plane last night. Fastest flight ever (in my perception, at least).

I would LOVE to create a raw food-friendly dish for this contest! But I have never really tried to cook anything in my life. Then again, it can't be too much harder or different from creating necklaces - just combining textures to appeal to different senses.

What a cool idea!

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