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Things That Make Me Speechless
c is for cat
I can't even begin to express the coolness and beauty of this:

Habeas Brulee--Orphan's Food

Leaving aside for a moment how much I love that blog and how often I make recipes from it, I don't really know how to point out that it is entirely magical how a book can turn into food, into real, substantial things that will keep a person alive, direct alchemy from literature to life.

The ways in which people keep making this book real utterly floor me.

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By the by: You can have mouse chorus.

Elayna and feste_sylvain's two daughters have become mildly obsessed with SJ's "The Kingdom of Mice", and they'll be singing backup at the house concert the day after Thanksgiving.

So. You can has mouse chorus at the release party on Dec. 1, if you want them. Three wee blonde girls chanting "Dust, dust, dust!"


And if Elayna wanted to read a bit again, she'd be more than welcome. :)

I'll let her know! :)

Wish there was room to dance there...

There is, really. No gamers this time.

I hope people come, I have no idea...

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