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Philadelphia Show Added!

Guess where we'll be December 2nd?

*beams* Look at that pretty thing! I feel all special. Thank you so much yagathai, for putting this together! Yea verily, you would win any fight.

So if you're in the greater Philly area, you should come. Did I mention elisem made me a Tiptree tiara all of my very own, with black pearls and silver? yagathai and owlswater look smashing in it as well. And that I shall be wearing it at all subsequent Orphan's Concerts? (It's title? Catherynne's Crown. The glee knows no bounds. World Fantasy was like a nonstop humbling experience of love I have not earned expressed with such joy.)

You do not want to miss this one, and hopefully this will help those who can't make the Boston and NYC shows.

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