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Big Things Afoot

Ok, the big news? I can say.

Palimpsest. Sold. To Bantam Spectra. Early 2009. Oh very yes.

And also...I happen to be typing this on a new laptop. Which I am given to understand that a number of fey and fabulous LJ people chipped in toktempest's fund to get me. I...seriously cannot believe you guys. What could I possibly say to all that love and kindness? Thank you, thank you, because of you these new books, these new worlds.

Lastly, the Blog Tour steams on!

Today I'm over at Fantasy Book Critic--it's an enormous interview, I can't believe there's anything else one might want to know about me. Also sneak previews of my next books. They're also giving away complete sets of Orphan's Tales here.

Back to the con.
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