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All Things Tend Towards

New Invisble Games up!

We spent the weekend camping in upstate NY with mishamish and babymonkey (you know, when I first looked at his username, I thought maybe he was Amish) which was lovely--justbeast has all the pics--fall camping is unreasonably fabulous, and we were all closed in by golden trees. Perhaps I can be forgiven for being the kind of geek that immediately whips out the full Elven name of Lothlorien in those situations. Perhaps not.

And now I am tired with a huge week ahead before the Orphan's Tales launch--if you are in Cleveland, please come! There will be a nice review in Entertainment Weekly next week, and the Library Journal review was starred, along with Booklist and Kirkus, I believe. Things are going well, I'm just whimpering with all the work ahead.

Check out LOLOrphan! though--that cracked me up this morning.

Also, I have a reading at the Cleveland Heights Borders on October 30th, the actual release date of the book. It starts at 7, so if you want to come and hear me babbling about manticores in an honest to god bookstore, come on out.

I'm just so tired. Can I have a magic wand that makes all this stuff already done? 
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