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The Roaring 20s

New Invisible Games up today!

I've had a couple of people ask me for hints as to What It's All About Already, to which I will say only this, and say it only once: Strong Bad should have taught you well the power of the Mouse Over. Explore the site, click everything. Secrets abound. This is a long-term project, it will not reveal everything in a day or a week or a month, but there is a lot to be found beyond the games themselves. *cackles, rubs hands together*

Also, though there are no comments allowed on the site itself, something we agonized over, please do feel free to comment, discuss, and/or ask questions on the LJ feed ( invisiblegames ). We will watch those posts and respond when it is appropriate.

And please link this about if you find you like it--it's a big internet out there and it's hard to find an audience. This is about the last thing I'm going to say in detail about it, the rest we will trust you all to discover on your own.

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