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Metal Till I'm 60

Slowly, now that the lappy has returned from HP empty and dewy as a babe, I am repopulating it with the things necessary for me to work. It seems as if somewhere on the giant hard drive we have almost everything, even most of the music, except for my Personal Brain notes, which are sadly vanished. Life goes on.

I have officially re-christened the computer Calculon, as it has amnesia.

Rilo Kiley was totally amazing, as was the opening act, Art in Manila, who I've been listening to on a loop ever since. I love concerts where the band is the subject of extreme fan love--everyone was singing along with their eyes shut, and holding their arms out to Jenny Lewis while she held her arms out to us--it was like church.

Saloncon was also wonderful, I was becorseted (I need a real one of my very own), my reading well-attended, and the congoers so kind and sweet-- (rialian, the mead is fantastic) and called me Miss Valente. I traded books for a fabulously bejeweled leather collar and purchased a vinyl steampunk-style coat which both justbeast and I look ridiculously hot in, making it a true bargain, as how many articles of clothing can you buy that a 5'4 girl and a 6'1 guy will both fit into? I got to steal a truly pleasant amount of time with blackholly  and theoblack , too. All leading up to key lime champagne cocktails and being asked to be Saloncon's Resident Author, which basically means I am a perpetual guest--so see you guys next year!

We drove into the city after the con, had lunch with yagathai, rosefox, sinboy, exceptionshift, and ktempest, and exceptionshift decided to concert with us afterwards--I wish there had been more time with everyone! And we will not speak of driving back to Cleveland at 2 in the morning with no sleep all weekend. Metal, I tell you. The science fiction rock and roll lifestyle.

We also went to see Iron & Wine on Monday, with just as little sleep, as I was unexpectedly tasked with caring for a stray kitten for the day until her new owner could pick her up. (Who is now having second thoughts, so I am trying to talk myself out of a little black ball of cat who felt sure my black hair was her mother and I totally loved but which would be extremely inconvenient at the moment.) So we had basically only slept Saturday night--one night out of four--by the time we got to the last concert of our trip, back in Cleveland.

I wish I could say we didn't walk out halfway through, but...look, guys, when people have been standing with no way to sit for three hours by the time you come on, the best option is not necessarily to play a bunch of new stuff that isn't very good and not even throw us a bone of beloved songness. All the new songs ran together in some kind of Phish-like hippy mush and we were so tired from the drive that we just kind of gave up. Someone once said that at a concert,"We're gonna play some stuff from the new album" is the cue for everyone to go to the bathroom. Amen.

But! All was not lost. The opening act, Nervous Films, was so fucking stunning I almost cried. They were playing live music over a film, like the old days when orchestras played over silent movies. You should have been there--and thanks to YouTube, you can be! I swear, I will be showing my kids-to-be this instead of Frosty the Snowman every Christmas.
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