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A Plague on Both Your Houses

I just got my laptop back from HPCare.

None of the problems are fixed, everything is still broken except the CD drive.

Oh, and they wiped my hard drive. Despite there being no software issues. But despite having helpfully recorded problems with the battery, headphone jack, hinge, and the high pitching screeching noise, they didn't fix any of it.

They will not fix the battery under my warranty, despite my paying extra for this extended care package. The rest, well, we'll see.

In the meantime, all my music is gone. Everything is gone. We backed up all the writing materials but there was too much music to back up. All my programs, all my graphic art, all gone. For no reason.

I can't afford a new laptop until I sell another book. This one is unusable with the screeching, but I can't live without one, with how I work and travel. They'll take it back, but who knows if they'll actually fix anything now? And my warranty is almost out.

Today sucks.
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