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Yay! s00j is coming today! I think we only get her for one day, but I can't wait. She makes everything just that much better. Also sings us pretty songs and my head is all filled with her voice for days after.

But this means I must tidy the house instead of working. Unfortunately I have been reading Doctor Who commentary instead of doing either, which means I am lame. But the new episode was pretty damn awesome, and fan speculation leaves me both anticipating and dreading next week.

Please, the Toclafane should not be baby Time Lords who went crazy looking into the time vortex. Hard to explain why this idea irritates me so much, but it comes down to: "That's just stupid." Too many Time Lords all of the sudden mean the appearance of the Master is pretty much meaningless. And 6 billion seems like rather a convenient (same as population: earth) and HUGE number of crazy kids. I prefer the idea that they are the Utopia humans jacked up by the Master at said Utopia, as otherwise that plot was just idiotic and pointless--the spiky blades of spiky death aren't really Time Lord style, anyway. I deeply love the idea that Martha will travel back 18 months and work as a resistance fighter who is made of win and big guns alongside her regular Doctor timeline. That is awesome and ties into the theme of non-linear travel this season, and lets the girl (girl of color, no less) be not useless. How all this ties into the fact that the voice of the Toclafane is the voice of the Gelth I have no idea, but they never explained Gwen being in Dickensian Cardiff and Torchwood, either.

As for the Master, the online fan community seems to hate him for not being old-school Master, which was literally the campiest, lamest villain ever. Look, guys, it's a new show, and it's not the 70s anymore. Doctor is different, so is the Master. My only response to an old school Master would have been: WHAT. Followed by laughter and never taking this show seriously again. His plan involved looking respectable to get into high position, not looking like frigging Buffy vs. Dracula. The crazy acting is funny and great, better than MWAHAHAFASTERMASTERKILLKILL. Don't like the new Master? Don't like the new Doctor? It's like the weather in Britain. Wait a season or two--they'll regenerate. Someone even complained that he didn't have a mustache or goatee. Jesus. We fear change, do we? Derek Jacobi and John Simm can't make up for lack of a twirly mustache and evil cape? They even kept the evil cape! I like the new Master, even if he hurt my TARDIS--hey, he hits where it hurts, where it hurts us the viewers, not so much the Doctor himself. I think asking for vast continuity, even to the novels, as some have been nattering about Time Lords not ever having been children, which is a novel-only concept, is asking for a dead show which is nothing but retro fanporn. That's boring.

RTD makes a lot of mistakes, and I think this season has been wildly uneven--can Steven Moffat just write all the episodes, please?--but I love this show, sonic screwdriver/magic wand waving and all, and I don't think I will ever love the old one as much. Doctor Who has grabbed me in a way no show has since Buffy, and I am an unabashed fan. I have a scarf and a little model TARDIS and it is all I can do not to get the screwdriver and a POLICE BOX decal for my totally coincidentally dark blue car. But dude, you gotta work with what they give you and not be all "But in the old series/novelizations/fanon his shoes were brown! And there were rainbows and ponies living in the TARDIS! And everyone was straight! And the Time Lords never had sex even to have children, which is way more awesome than them being complex and having real relationships! And everyone had pie at the end of each adventure! With unicorns! Why can't RTD cater to meeeeee?!" And then getting into a flamey snit about Rose.

Many stupid things happened this season. Daleks were basically removed as anything but a joke, 42 was an even dumber retread of The Satan Pit and a horrible attempt at something like BSG's 33, the space rhinos were pretty laughable, and as usual RTD hates and fears women, especially older women, and loves Jack. As Mr. Sparrow says "...Pirate!" He is who he is. The beloved Joss was hardly immune to this crap, either. But we also got the Family of Blood arc, and the genuine transcendant end of Gridlock, and Blink, which scared me and everyone else half to death, and this last three parter--what is stupid about this season is not what's going on now. I will trade 42 for Last of the Time Lords. Even with stupid American jokes which were tired in S1. Because Doctor Who hits that note of longing for a world, longing for an experience beyond the quotidian, for actions within the show and for the show to somehow leak out of the screen. And manages that in a matrix of pretty damn silly SF. It's the only show I'm watching regularly, and that says something, as my tolerance for stupid is extremely low. And I'll be there till it gets cancelled, which is more than I can say for Lost or Alias or many other shows of late.

The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor. Deal with it.

Well, that got a little long. At any rate, s00j. And cleaning. Yeah...should get on that. At least I can do it in style--grailquestion bought me some pretty go-go girl dresses yesterday and they all but scream for me to own a pair of white vinyl boots. Sigh. The siren call of boots is hard to resist. I clean in short skirts, but bare feet.
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