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Shade of Things to Come

Endicott Studio is 20 years old--so they're posting images of their staff and friends 20 years ago and now.

20 years ago, I was 8.

But here's the set--check out my kickin' boots and my ever-beloved Writing Pad (tm--it said so on the cover)--yet more evidence I haven't changed since age 5:

Little, Big

(You have to scroll down a bit.)

Off to theferrett's this morning for buddy writing and quality time. Had a blast at Magic night last night, as owlswater is in town, and a whole host of new young'uns invaded theferrett's house. My favorite exchange?

28 year old at kitchen table: (conversation, blah blah, don't remember)...Sheherezade.
18 year old in living room: *perks up hopefully* Charizard?

What a difference a decade makes.
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