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So last week I came home from an all night writing session and, bleary eyed, opened my email to see Midori Snyder's name and something about the Tiptree Award in the little snippet of email that Gmail lets you see.

"Oh, cool! The Orphan's Tales made the long list or something!" I thought happily. The Tiptree, for those who don't know, is a really fantastic award which honors the book or short story or what have you which best explores or expands the boundaries of gender and sexuality.

I opened the email, and I wish I could say that I am such a cool chick that in no way did my heart start racing, nor did I cry. I'd like to, but I'm actually not at all cool, and just sat in front my computer slack-jawed, tears welling up in my eyes.

I won. My little book won the Tiptree Award.

Of all the awards out there, this is the one I would most like to win--I cared so much, writing The Orphan's Tales, about the gender issues, both male and female, and about creating a positive text, which is much harder than deconstructing one. I would have been thrilled to be on the long list, in all seriousness. But in a million years, I never thought I'd even be considered for it, not my little book of fairy tales.

So I'm floored, and honored, and still can't really believe it. I've known about this for a couple of days and it has been terribly hard not to post, but I have been given permission, and thus I tell.

Congratulations also to Shelley Jackson, with whom I share the award, for her novel Half Life.

Also I get a tiara. How cool is that?
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