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justbeast and I are safely in New York and ensconsed in regyt and novalis's dreamily book-packed Brooklyn abode. (They're pretty dreamy, themselves, of course, but as I drifted off to sleep I realized that every book on the wall was in alphabetical order, and that's way beyond dreamy and into hot.)

I am currently showered and getting ready to pretty up to go to the New York Library's shindig for authors on the recommended list--I have a new dress and prim Victorian shoes and tragically hip sunglasses. Just call me Audrey.

It's kind of refreshing to be in New York without having to do anything nervewracking--I keep reminding myself that I don't have to read or sign anything, I just have to show up and smile real big. (Red lipstick? Why, yes!)

Tonight we are galavanting about town with whomever will have us, which at the moment appears to be rosefox, sinboy, regyt, and novalis. If anyone else wants to help us celebrate justbeast's birthday and watch the country kids gawk at the buildings, my cell is
440 991 6438

Here's to not doing anything nervewracking. Now I must curl my hair. I am SUCH a girl today.
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