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Chapter One
prester john
Back from Lunacon, barely awake. However, as these wonderful ladies are heading into a marathon week, I thought I'd play along at home and start the new book. See icon.

Anyone know where I can find an unabridged version of the Letter of Prester John? Abridgement gives me indigestion.

Anyway. Working title: The Spindle of Necessity. Big fucking book, 100k + words. Prester John in the hizzouse. If you want a sneak preview, the short story is in Interfictions.

Hold nose tight, jump into the deep end.

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Unless John Carroll library has anything?

Nothing that looks like it might contain an unabridged version of the letter. They've got Buchan's novel Prester John, but I think I can find an e-version of that if you really want to have a look.

No, that doesn't actually deal with PJ, but uses it as a reference in a novel about a Zulu uprising.

I feel better now, the librarian made the same mistake as I did.

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