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Chapter One
prester john
Back from Lunacon, barely awake. However, as these wonderful ladies are heading into a marathon week, I thought I'd play along at home and start the new book. See icon.

Anyone know where I can find an unabridged version of the Letter of Prester John? Abridgement gives me indigestion.

Anyway. Working title: The Spindle of Necessity. Big fucking book, 100k + words. Prester John in the hizzouse. If you want a sneak preview, the short story is in Interfictions.

Hold nose tight, jump into the deep end.

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Big fucking book, 100k + words. Prester John in the hizzouse.

You are always so eloquent after your exhausting jags at those conferences.
Raise da roof for da leucrotta!

Do you mind driving? Kent's library has Beckingham's Prester John, the Mongols, and the Ten Lost Tribes, which includes the letters to and from PJ as well as other texts and analytical articles. Still looking for an online copy....

Oh, sweet. I can head down sometime soon...

Damn. That particular text is checked out until the 28th. Seems like Kent has a good collection of Prester John stuff, though, so it may still be worth a trip.

Unless John Carroll library has anything?

Nothing that looks like it might contain an unabridged version of the letter. They've got Buchan's novel Prester John, but I think I can find an e-version of that if you really want to have a look.

No, that doesn't actually deal with PJ, but uses it as a reference in a novel about a Zulu uprising.

I feel better now, the librarian made the same mistake as I did.

Oh, fabulous.

(Hey, after you're done with Prester John, maybe you could do John Mandeville!)

I was hoping that we might have something here that I could scan and email to you, but it appears that someone else is doing research on Prester John - the promising volumes are all checked out. =\ Still searching....

Cleveland Public Main has a fabulous collection of books and microforms on the subject (including two russian tomes, one of them with a translation, but the other one a wicked 'printed from philological notes' one from 1876). /Definitely/ worth a field trip.

...including Silverberg's The realm of Prester John, which I would have gone hunting at UM if it wasn't already checked out. I am pwned by the Mad Russian. *hangs head*

that place is a mad temple of knowledge. I've ALWAYS wanted to go, but never have.

Hey Ms. Beautiful Storyweaver, I know you don't normally read my LJ, but I posted a Lunacon review if you're interested.

Um...please do not assume that because I don't comment, I don't read. You've been on my flist for years.

Oh, I'm sorry. I know I've been on your f-list, but so are hundreds of people, and I never saw any indication you read. I guess that makes an ASS out of ME. ;-p

I could OhioLINK request a copy of Beckingham for you, but... it probably wouldn't arrive until the end of the week or so. Logistically challenging, with the upcoming trip.

It'll probably be much faster for you to go to the glory that is CPL main, per justbeast's suggestion. (It looks like the Cleveland Heights branch on Lee road also has a copy of Silverberg, but CPL downtown is much, much cooler.)

A beautiful icon indeed.

It was wonderful to see you at Lunacon, however briefly. I'm so glad you're starting the book you were telling me about. I can't wait to read more, more, more about that world of wonders and those charming, moving, thoughtful, tragic characters.

It's a great story.

Oh, thank you! That makes me want to write faster!

Great to meet you at Lunacon, Catherynne!

- Sarah

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